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It is no longer enough to fight for our children, we must shepherd them to teach a generation to fight for themselves. The Hollywood stronghold on storytelling is collapsing. We are going to write a new narrative to shine a light on the propaganda and encourage young American’s to stand for truth in a world that celebrates lies.

A group of freedom fighters
Group of Skimmers stealing power cells


Set in an Oligarchic Society controlled by a biotechnology corporation, the friends struggle to discover who they can trust as they uncover a network of lies that have rule their lives since birth. As they escape the fictional narrative continually fed to them by a captured media, a budding resistance offers them a new place to call home off grid.  Once outside of the matrix, they learn that everything they have ever been taught is a lie. In the vein of “The Hunger Games,” The “Divergent” Trilogy, and “The 100,” this film combines elements of drama, action and romance in a world that feels eerily near.  The Glitch exposes the battle of Artificial Intelligence verses the Human Soul, while upholding traditional values and encouraging truth seeking in a way that appeals to the next generation.


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